Mixed Impressions


Charlie Sexton
“Mixed Impressions”
1986 MCA Records (JP)

01 Impressed (Extended Dance Remix) | 06:26
02 Beat’s So Lonely (Beat The Lonely Monster Mix) | 06:34
03 Impressed (Wanna Bet Dub) | 07:27
04 Beat’s So Lonely (Monster Dub) | 05:26
05 It’s Not Easy | 03:22

Guitar prodigy Charlie Sexton released his debut album when he was only 16 years old. Produced by Keith Forsey, “Pictures For Pleasure” yielded three singles: “Impressed”, “Hold Me”, and “Beat’s So Lonely”; the latter peaked at 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1986.

Japanese EP “Mixed Impressions” comprises remixes of “Impressed” and “Beat’s So Lonely”, along with a cover of The Rolling Stone’s “It’s Not Easy” recorded for the soundtrack of 1984 dramedy “The Wild Life.” The remixes are digitally exclusive to the CD issue.

The ‘Monster Dub’ of “Beat’s So Lonely” plays during a pivotal scene of John Hughes’ 1987 teen drama “Some Kind Of Wonderful.”

“Impressed” promo video

“Beat’s So Lonely” promo video



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