New Pure Moods


Various Artists
“New Pure Moods”
1997 Virgin Records Ltd (UK)

1.01 Clannad – Theme From Harry’s Game
1.02 Enigma – Return To Innocence
1.03 Sacred Spirit – Yeha Noha
1.04 Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby
1.05 Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme
1.06 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène IV
1.07 Adiemus – Adiemus
1.08 Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells Part 1
1.09 Elton John – Song For Guy
1.10 Michael Nyman – The Heart Asks Pleasure First The Promise
1.11 Ennio Morricone – Chi Mai
1.12 Barrington Pheloung – Inspector Morse
1.13 Yanni – Prelude
1.14 Malcolm McLaren – Aria On Air
1.15 David A. Stewart – Lily Was Here
1.16 John Williams – Cavatina
1.17 The Shadows – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
1.18 Fleetwood Mac – Albatross
1.19 The Silencers – Wild Mountain Thyme

2.01 Robert Miles – Children
2.02 DJ Dado – X-Files Theme
2.03 Incantation – Cacharpaya
2.04 John Anderson Concert Orchestra – Riverdance
2.05 Björk & David Arnold – Play Dead
2.06 Massive Attack – Protection
2.07 The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
2.08 The Beloved – The Sun Rising
2.09 Divine Works – Ancient Person Of My Heart
2.10 Enigma – Sadeness Part 1
2.11 Praise – Only You
2.12 Adiemus – Cantus (Song Of Tears)
2.13 Ennio Morricone – The Theme From The Mission
2.14 Geoffrey Burgon – Brideshead Revisited
2.15 Jocelyn Pook – Blow The Wind (Pie Jesu)
2.16 David Byrne – The Last Emperor
2.17 Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
2.18 Brian Eno – Another Green World
2.19 New World Philharmonic – Theme From Schindler’s List
2.20 Angelo Badalamenti – Theme From Twin Peaks
2.21 Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin – Woodbrook

Capitalizing on increased public interest in ambient and world music, Virgin released the compilation “Moods” in 1991, followed by “Moods 2” the next year. In 1994, the label recycled tracks from both “Moods”, added some new ones, and rebranded the concept as “Pure Moods”; this new iteration became an international success, and spawned a series of “Pure” albums. “New Pure Moods” distills content from regional variations of the first three volumes.

Those of a certain age will remember a time when music compilations were heavily marketed through TV adverts. And within that realm, the ad which aired for “Pure Moods” is legendary:

I distinctly remember seeing that commercial constantly after a revised edition of the first “Pure Moods” was issued in the US in 1997. Back then, I thought the collection was ripe for ridicule—new age nonsense for yoga studios. However, my attitude has shifted positively with the passage of time.

In memory of Barrington Pheloung (10 May 1954 – 01 August 2019).


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