True To Form (Promo)

“True To Form” (Promo)
2003 Distinct’ive Breaks (UK)

01 True To Form (Radio Edit) | 03:55
02 True To Form (Club Edit) | 05:33
03 True To Form (Acoustic Version) | 02:42
04 True To Form (Full Length Version) | 09:11
05 True To Form (John Creamer & Stephane K Mix) | 11:16

“True To Form” was released as a single in advance of Hybrid’s second album, “Morning Sci-Fi.” Chris Healings and Mike Truman enlisted Peter Hook to contribute his signature bass sound to the track, which also features guitars and vocals by Adam Taylor. Among other digital exclusives, the promo CD includes the full-length John Creamer & Stephane K remix; however, it’s not the duo’s finest work, and unwisely omits Hooky’s bass part.



All You Need Is Love

Tom Jones
“All You Need Is Love”
1993 Zomba Records (UK)

01 All You Need Is Love (7″ Mix) | 03:54
02 All You Need Is Love (12″ Edit) | 05:14
03 All You Need Is Love (7″ Club Mix) | 03:53
04 All You Need Is Love (7″ Club No Lead) | 03:56
05 All You Need Is Love (7″ Club Instrumental) | 03:49

David A. Stewart produced this Tom Jones cover of The Beatles’ 1967 classic “All You Need Is Love.” The song was recorded as a charity single to benefit ChildLine, a free and confidential helpline for children and teens in the UK to receive counselling and support. The Sound Assassins (Ben Angwin and Phil Hope, better known as BBG) contribute a Balearic tinged remix.


Mixed Impressions


Charlie Sexton
“Mixed Impressions”
1986 MCA Records (JP)

01 Impressed (Extended Dance Remix) | 06:26
02 Beat’s So Lonely (Beat The Lonely Monster Mix) | 06:34
03 Impressed (Wanna Bet Dub) | 07:27
04 Beat’s So Lonely (Monster Dub) | 05:26
05 It’s Not Easy | 03:22

Guitar prodigy Charlie Sexton released his debut album when he was only 16 years old. Produced by Keith Forsey, “Pictures For Pleasure” yielded three singles: “Impressed”, “Hold Me”, and “Beat’s So Lonely”; the latter peaked at 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1986.

Japanese EP “Mixed Impressions” comprises remixes of “Impressed” and “Beat’s So Lonely”, along with a cover of The Rolling Stone’s “It’s Not Easy” recorded for the soundtrack of 1984 dramedy “The Wild Life.” The remixes are digitally exclusive to the CD issue.

The ‘Monster Dub’ of “Beat’s So Lonely” plays during a pivotal scene of John Hughes’ 1987 teen drama “Some Kind Of Wonderful.”

“Impressed” promo video

“Beat’s So Lonely” promo video


UB 001 (Series 01 Vol 01)

Various Artists
“Underground Beats” (Series 01 Volume 01)
1997 Pioneer CD Pool (UK)
UB 001

1.01 Carl Cox – The Sound Of The Ultimate B.A.S.E.
1.02 Empirion – B.E.T.A. (Original Mix)
1.03 Pob – The Awakening (Seismix)
1.04 De Donatis – The Sound (Club Mix)
1.05 Floorplay – Redemption
1.06 T-Era – El Tren (Slacker’s Transporto Mix)
1.07 Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind (Rollercoaster Mix)
1.08 Mindfeel – Protocol

2.01 Eboman – Bounce To Diss
2.02 Virus – Hypnotise
2.03 Danny Campbell – Answer My Prayer (Evolution ‘DSG’ Mix)
2.04 Star ‘n’ Garta – Porcine (Big Beat Mix)
2.05 Dominion – This Earth Is Yours (Dark Mix)
2.06 E.S.R.A. – It’s Punk
2.07 DJ Stell – Lose Control (Remix)